Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Which Actress Is Suing IMDb for Revealing Her Age?

Which Actress Is Suing IMDb for Revealing Her Age?: The actress, who uses an Americanized stage name to avoid the "cultural disadvantage" of her real Asian name, says that the credit-card interception is the only way the company could have learned her real age. She says IMDb refuses to remove her birth date from her profile and that she has since lost work because "lesser-known 40-year-old actresses are not in demand in the movie business."

Hmm. My first instinct was Bai Ling, but she never changed her name. Tila Tequila was raised in Texas, but isn't old enough. Grace Park changed her name and is 37, but no tie to Texas. Tia Carrere is 44, changed her name, and I briefly thought she was living in Austin, but turns it's just a band called "Tia Carrera." Maggie Q is only 32. I don't think Kelly Hu is from Texas. Kind of at a loss, here.

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